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People purchasing items from West End Photography, (trading as www.C41-Filmlab.com) have the right to cancel an order within seven days of placing that order, or within seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). Customers cancelling their orders will have their payment refunded in full - minus shipping costs - within fourteen days of the company’s receipt of the returned goods.

All items returned to West End Photography, (trading as www.C41-Filmlab.com) must be unused and in new condition for us to accept their return. Please contact West End Photography, (trading as www.C41-Filmlab.com) before returning goods to us.

Returns of non-faulty items are not normally entitled to a postage refund, so customers with any doubts over suitability of products are encouraged to contact West End Photography, (trading as www.C41-Filmlab.com) before placing an order.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

If you have any question regarding this, or any of our other policies please contact us.

Important Terms and Conditions for people using Developing and Printing (D&P) and digital services
This service is available for COLOUR films only. No refund can be given for any camera or films that do not develop correctly.

Liability Your films, negatives and other photographic materials are accepted for processing, duplicating or printing on the basis that their value does not exceed the current retail value cost of the material itself. Our liability for loss or damage is limited to the replacement of the material and no other liability will be accepted for loss or damage, consequential or otherwise, however caused. Because dyes used in colour photographic materials, like other dyes may change in time, neither prints nor copies will be replaced or otherwise warranted against any change in colour. Please note that this is a consumer service and we do not accept additional responsibility for material of professional or commercial value.

Copyright Orders for printing are accepted on the implied condition that the customer is legally entitled to dispose of the copyright of the photograph or photographs and will indemnify the dealer and/or the finisher against any damages, costs or other expenses whatsoever incurred by him in consequence of any breach thereof.

Negatives Never cut negatives into singles. Choose the negative number nearest to the centre of the frame.

110 negatives Only reprints and enlargements size 7″X5″ are available from 110 negatives.

We have been processing film since the 1970’s.

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